Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quilt Club

It is a common question.  "What do you do at quilt club?"  It seems like a easy question.   The thing is, it is hard to describe exactly what we do...but it is always so much fun!

First of all, I thoroughly enjoy show and tell.  It is so inspiring to see what other people are making.  We welcome all show and tell projects, big or small.  I love hearing the stories behind the projects.

The fellowship is second to none.  Quilters are amazing people.  We know that, right?  My customers have become my dear friends.   Some of my dear friends have become customers.   I truly believe that anyone can learn this awesome art form!  Many of these women have been friends for decades.  Some of us just met.  One thing is for sure...ALL are welcome!

Our service projects are good for the heart and soul!  Looking for a way to de-stash?  We are always up to something!  These incredibly generous women have made and donated hundreds of pillowcases.  This year, we will pass the 1000 pillowcase mark!  In February, we asked these gals to make a 12 1/2" block for a raffle quilt.  One month later, a beautiful stack of blocks emerged.  One talented club member volunteered to put them together.   On Friday, one lucky ticket holder will take it home.  The proceeds are going to Relay for Life.   Isn't it breathtaking?

These people are eager to teach and eager to learn.   We share tips and techniques every meeting.  I enjoy learning little tricks to make quilting more efficient and/or more accurate.  

Sound fun?  It is!  Material Girl Quilt Club turns 1 year old tomorrow.  Join us for show and tell, fellowship, service projects, education, and FUN!  We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00.  We would love to have you.  

Did I mention we have snacks?
Happy sewing,

Friday, September 20, 2013

Some Pep in Your Step

Five years ago I opened the shop with two solid fabrics in stock.  White and Black.  Unless you count muslin, then three.
Because of the modern quilting trend, solids are back.  And big.  We have Kona from Robert Kaufman, Bella Solids from Moda, and Cotton Couture from Michael Miller.  All are wonderful to use, and very popular.  Grunge from Moda is wildly popular at Material Girl Quilt Shop also.  I call it "nearly solid".  Grunge plays well with others for sure.  It works with traditional quilts as well as contemporary styles.
The  latest hot item is Peppered Cotton by Pepper Cory of Studio E.  This solid-ish fabric is a woven beauty at a great price point.  It has a luxury feel and very saturated color.  Yesterday five more colors arrived, I have many more on order scheduled to arrive in October.
     Studio E is challenging you to make something exciting with this new fabric.  You can win big prizes...and so will your local quilt shop!  To find out more, visit the challenge page.

I am currently using several colors in the string quilt I am making.  It sews like a dream.  For me, the color saturation is what makes it awesome.  Won't it quilt up beautifully?!

Have a great sewing weekend.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do you have a project?

People ask me this question everyday.  Do I have a project?  It is somewhat embarrassing to admit how many projects I have going at any given time.

There has to be a project for every mood, right?  As one friend said, "There's still not enough projects!"

I have also heard of people having "fast sewing" and "slow sewing".  I agree with that also.  It is nice to have hand work and machine work ready for action at the same time.  I also like to alternate fast machine projects with more challenging projects.  All depends on my mood.

I have been playing with hexagons and diamonds lately.  I have tried the fusible paper pieces.  First, the pre-cut water soluble hexagons are fused to fabric.  Then I trim the fabric.  Finally,  I baste the sides down using water a soluble glue pen.  I used the Fons and Porter pen...it is available in the shop.   

I have played with the traditional paper pieces.  I like using card stock papers better than regular weight paper.  Punching a hole in the center is key for easy paper removal later!  

I like both methods.  Again....it depends on my mood. 

This pin cushion project was constructed entirely by hand using the traditional paper piecing method.  I made 2 flowers using 1" hexagons.  The side panels are 1"x2" rectangles.   Could this project be done on the machine?  Possibly.  I think it would be more difficult.  

This is stuffed with poly.  I will use more stuffing next time.  The opening lacks a bit of tightness.  Overall, it was quite fun.  I think I will make another one for me.  (This was a swap for quilt club.)  I would also like to have some on hand for gifts.    

I think the big pin cushion is fun.  I will possible try stuffing the next one with crushed walnut shells.  Rumor has it you can purchase a large bag at Petco.  Apparently lizard litter is crushed walnut shells!  Weird, huh?  

So...do I have a project?  YES!  I am dabbling with a hexagon project, experimenting with a English Paper Piecing diamond project, a big quilt for a friend, my EMERALD CHALLENGE project, a quilt for a new pattern coming soon, and many more I am forgetting!  I better get sewing!

Enjoy YOUR PROJECT!  Enjoy your day.

Happy sewing,

Monday, May 13, 2013

I challenge you....

Our first Material Girl Quilt Club meeting was a huge success!  It was exciting to see so many people sewing such amazing projects. 

We introduced the Color of the Year:  Emerald Challenge.  I hope you consider joining the fun!  The four categories are
1.  Non-Quilt Project
2.  Small Quilt
3.  Large Quilt
4.  Online Entry

All projects must include the challenge fabric available at Material Girl Quilt Shop.  Projects are due October 1st.  Please check out the www.materialgirlquiltshop.com for more official rules and entry forms.

Many people are LOVING this color!  Some people are being pushed out of their comfort zones! :)   Either way....this is fun!

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The grass is greener at Material Girl

It's a beautiful day in Mid-Missouri.  Things are looking very green and I am loving the sunshine.  Speaking of green.....
We are hosting a challenge featuring the color of the year...emerald!  Details will be released tonight at Material Girl Quilt Club at 6:00 OR tomorrow on the blog. 

Put on your thinking caps and get your creative juices flowing.  This will be fun!  I will give you a hint....categories include
1.  Non-Quilt Project
2.  Small Quilt
3.  Large Quilt
4.  Online Entry (with the collaboration of www.sierrashea.com)

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather.   I am finishing a big quilt for a friend.  Then, it's green for me! 

Enjoy your project,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive

Being an aunt is awesome, right?!
My heart almost exploded when I asked my sister-in-law what the soon-to-be 7 year old what we wanted for his birthday.   He listed a few of the usual things....Star Wars toys, maybe a dart gun, etc.  EXCEPT....he said to tell Meredith that he wanted a quilt!  She told him there was only two weeks until his birthday so don't expect a quilt.  Sounds like a challenge, right?!?   I talked to my dear friend and long arm quilter, Jan, and she said he if wants a quilt, give him a quilt!  She is always busy, but always manages to work me in.

His favorite colors are blue and red.  I chose my "Dashing" pattern because it is quick.

I thought fabrics from Malka Dubrawsky's Simple Marks would be perfect because they look masculine and playful without looking like a baby quilt.  (The HORROR of making a 7 year old look like a BABY!)

I decided the churn dash looked too fussy and grown up so I substituted half-square-triangles.  (Maybe it was faster too!)  The HSTs were a perfect place to highlight his favorite colors.  I thought it would add interest to turn the HSTs in various directions.  I am pleased with the outcome!  

My friend/long arm quilter/lifesaver brought the quilt to life by quilting the PERFECT design...star wars.  I love it. The nephew was happy.  I was happy.

The birthday party was at 2:00.  I had the binding on with 38 minutes to spare.   No problem!

Happy quilting! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Here We Go...

I love it when old meets new.  In the quilt shop I have the pleasure and privilege of seeing grandmothers shopping and creating with daughters and granddaughters.  I see people finding inspiration from an old piece of fabric or a old piece of ANYTHING and mixing it with new and exciting fabrics and designs.  It inspires me and makes my heart happy.

I particularly like taking an old technique or quilting idea and creating something that has a somewhat contemporary look.  It could be using the latest fabrics, changing the dimensions, etc.  Yesterday I finished the top of a wall hanging.  The technique I used was "string quilting".  In case you aren't familiar....be prepared to fall in love!  You take "strings" of fabric and sew them to a foundation to create blocks.  In this particular case, I used muslin squares.  I have found that I like muslin better than paper.  (I will go into more detail later.)  I then pieced the blocks together to make a giant churn dash, which is another heirloom design.  It appeals to me because the block is over-sized....27"!  To me, the large block has a more modern look and I love it!  I think I will finish this as a standard wall hanging, but the other option I am considering is stretching it over a frame like a canvas for a different type of wall art.
I chose teals and greens for the churn dash because they are my favorite colors for spring.  I chose a variety of background neutrals including some Riley Blake fabric with text...I just love fabric with text right now!

I mentioned earlier that I used muslin for the foundation.  I have tried a variety of papers for foundation piecing.  It works wonderfully for some people and some projects.  I tend to end up with a lot of extra muslin, I don't like to rip paper when I am finished sewing, and I find that it compromises the integrity of my stitch.  So, muslin works well for me!

I encourage you to make something new...be inspired by something old.  Then call your grandma.  

Enjoy your project.  Enjoy your day!